ICC Events


Karolina Sobecka and Jamie Allen on “This Cycle, Here, This One”

Artist-researchers Sobecka and Allen discuss the use and abuse of cycles as models of exchange and circulation.

25th Annual Public Interest Environmental Conference

For 25 years, the Public Interest Environmental Conference (PIEC) has sought to promote an understanding of the legal aspects of environmental protection.

“Our Children’s Trust: Youth Activism & the Legal Right to a Stable Climate”

Isaac Augspurg (age 13) and Oscar Psychas (age 20) are two of eight youth plaintiffs suing the state of Florida to protect current and future generations from the intensifying impacts of climate change. 

Jimmy Evans & Jack Edmondson on “Urban Paradise”

Filmmakers Evans and Edmondson’s Urban Paradise explores the realities of future sea level rise in South Florida. This November 14 Kickstarter campaign launch is co-sponsored by ICC and the Civic Media Center.

Simon Richter on “‘Polder-Geist’ and the Languages of Sustainability”

Simon Richter asks, Can the Dutch save our coastal cities? How do we translate the concept of sustainability? This two-day event begins November 13.

“The World to Come: Art, Politics & Climate Change”

An interdisciplinary symposium (Oct. 19–20) on art, scientific fieldwork, and anthropological research in response to the greatest planetary crisis of our era.

Marisol de la Cadena on “Uncommoning Nature”

A conversation (Oct. 19) with Marisol de la Cadena on building alliances of divergent interests.

“The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene”

From September 18 to March 3 at the Harn Museum of Art, forty-five contemporary international artists chronicle an era of rapid, radical, and irrevocable ecological change.


Nicole Starosielski and Casey Boyle on “In Ecomedia Res”

On February 28, ecocritics Starosielski and Boyle will discuss digital heat and the end of time. On March 1, UF’s EcoTour augmented reality walking tour of Paynes Prairie will debut.

Jorge Volpi, Pedro Ángel Palou, and Eloy Urroz on “The Responsibilities of Literature in the Late Anthropocene”

On February 23, Mexican novelists Volpi, Palou, and Urroz, will discuss the role of the literary imagination and the responsibilities of the writer in an age of economic, political, and ecological crises.

Schuyler Esprit on “Ecologies and Institutions”

On November 17, Schuyler Esprit will discuss the missions of the redefining digital humanities and educational institutions in the Caribbean in the ware of Hurricanes Irma and Marie.

Helen Hughes on “The Contexts of Climate Change”

On November 6–7, film scholar Helen Hughes will discuss “Glaciers, Nuclear Power & Documentary Film in Europe.”

Helmuth Trischler and Franz Mauelshagen on “The Past & Future of the Anthropocene”

On October 23–23, Helmuth Trischler and Franz Mauelshagen will discuss the concept of and prognosis for the “human epoch.”

Oonya Kempadoo on “Which Medium? Whose Story?”

On September 22, Oonya Kempadoo will speak on storytelling, collaborative digital humanities, and environmental sustainability in the Caribbean.


Stephen Mulkey on “Higher Education During the Great Disruption”

On April 13, Stephen Mulkey will speak on the imperative need to reimagine higher education in a time of climate crisis.

Julian Chambliss on “Future Bear”

On February 23, Julian Chambliss (Rollins College) will speak on the role of digital humanities in teaching, service, and scholarship, and “Future Bear,” a hybrid fine art/comic that engages young people in positive action on climate change.

Aaron Thier on “Mr. Eternity”

On February 15, novelist Aaron Thier will give a reading from his celebrated climate fiction novel Mr. Eternity and discuss the opportunities and responsibilities of writing fiction in an age of climate crisis.

“The World is Dying and We’re Filming It”

On December 11, please join us for a free screening of fourteen original short films by the students of UF instructor Lauren DeFilippo’s Fall 2016 course “Creating the Cinema of Climate Change.”


Wanuri Kahiu on “Pumzi”

On March 15, ICC will present a public screening of the 2009 sf film short Pumzi and a conversation with the film’s Kenyan director, Wanuri Kahiu.

Spring 2016 ICC Colloquium

The Spring 2016 colloquium will take place on February 17–18, and will overlap with the UF Water Institute’s 5th Biennial Symposium, a major event in the field of water research and management. The colloquium will kick off on the final day of the Water Institute Symposium (Feb. 17) with a plenary roundtable discussion featuring the invited speakers, followed by a second day of individual public talks by the invited speakers and UF faculty respondents (Feb. 18.)

Fall 2015 ICC Colloquium

The inaugural Fall 2015 ICC colloquium will take place on October 9–10, and will bring award-winning and influential French and American sf authors and climate scientists to the University of Florida to dialogue with UF faculty and researchers in the humanities, climate studies, and water management, and to explore new ways of representing and responding to environmental change.

All ICC events are free and open to the public. No advance registration is required.