Give to ICC

From its founding, Imagining Climate Change has emphasized the importance of open dialogue and collaborative action in response to climate change, with special emphasis on the roles of the creative imagination in the humanities, arts, and sciences. Our events and initiatives have benefited from the participation and support of a wide array of university– and community-based programs and individuals.

The generous financial support of private donors has been especially prized, as it is essential to securing the engagement of individuals beyond the boundaries of the university.

Your gift to ICC is very much welcome. No donation is too small. Donations may be made on a one-time or recurring basis and all donations are tax-deductible. All funds contributed to ICC go to the support of our events and initiatives, and a graduate research assistant who coordinates our planning and outreach.

You can give online to ICC directly by clicking on this link:

You may also contribute by personal check through regular mail, at this address:

University of Florida Foundation
PO Box 14425
Gainesville, Florida 32614-2425

Please indicate in a cover letter or in the memo line of your check that you wish to support the ICC General Fund (# 023925).

If you would like to contribute funds in support of a particular endeavor that is in keeping with our mandate to “imagine our collective climate futures,” please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address below. I look forward to our conversation.

Thank you!

Terry Harpold
Director, Imagining Climate Change