ICC Video (2018-19)

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“Our Children’s Trust: Youth Activism & the Legal Right to a Stable Climate”

Isaac Augspurg (age 13) and Oscar Psychas (age 20) are two of eight youth plaintiffs suing the state of Florida to protect current and future generations from the intensifying impacts of climate change. (You may need to increase the volume to hear all of the speakers clearly.)

Simon Richter, “Polder-Geist: Dutch Responses to Rising Sea Levels and Sinking Cities in the Netherlands, the United States and Asia”

In this workshop, Professor Richter and UF faculty will explore the intercultural aspects of the Dutch international water ambition by way of several case studies.

Simon Richter, “Getting Creative: Translation and Etymology as Cultural Narratives of Sustainability and Resilience”

Dr. Richter presents several case studies that show how the translation of two terms, sustainability and resilience, can reveal the distinctive cultural and intercultural stakes of communities as they respond to climate change.