2016–17 ICC Events

Stephen Mulkey on “Higher Education During the Great Disruption” (April 13)

Stephen Mulkey will speak on the imperative need to reimagine higher education in a time of climate crisis.

Julian Chambliss on “Future Bear” (Feb. 23)

Julian Chambliss (Rollins College) will speak on the role of digital humanities in teaching, service, and scholarship, and “Future Bear,” a hybrid fine art/comic that engages young people in positive action on climate change.

Aaron Thier on “Mr. Eternity” (Feb. 15)

Novelist Aaron Thier will give a reading from his celebrated climate fiction novel Mr. Eternity and discuss the opportunities and responsibilities of writing fiction in an age of climate crisis.

“The World is Dying and We’re Filming It” (Dec. 11)

Please join us for a free screening of fourteen original short films by the students of UF instructor Lauren DeFilippo’s Fall 2016 course “Creating the Cinema of Climate Change.”

All ICC events are free and open to the public. No advance registration is required.