ICC Video (2016–17)

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Stephen Mulkey, “Higher Education During the Great Disruption”

Ecologist and advocate for sustainability literacy Stephen Mulkey’s talk on the need to reimagine higher education in a time of climate crisis. UF ecocriticism and posthumanist scholar Sid Dobrin, and UF tropical conservationist and wildlife ecologist Bette Loiselle, respond.


“What I want to talk to you about tonight is the urgency for a new literacy and a renewed mission for higher education.” – Stephen Mulkey


Aaron Thier, “Mr. Eternity”

Novelist and essayist Aaron Thier’s talk on his 2016 climate fiction novel. UF environmental historian Jack E. Davis responds.

“Mr. Eternity” (February 15, 2017)

“Why has our civilization failed to address the threat to the existence of our civilization? It wouldn’t seem to be a partisan issue to try to save the world. At least try.” – Aaron Thier