“Walls in the Head” (Nov. 13 & 14)

Published: September 7th, 2019

Category: News

Journalist Susanne Götze asks, Where, exactly, are the barriers to global action on climate change?

“Walls in the Head”: Challenges Facing Global Action on Climate Change

Susanne Götze

November 13, 2019
Dauer 219 (Ruth McQuown Room)
5 PM–6:15 PM

Walls of Present & Future: The Genuine, the Imaginary, & the Fake in Global Climate Change Discourse

Susanne Götze

November 14, 2018
Pugh Hall Ocora
4–5:30 PM

Streaming video of these events is available here

About the Speaker

Susanne Götze (PhD, Universität Potsdam/Université Lorraine) is a freelance journalist and author of Land Unter im Paradies. Reportagen aus dem Menschenzeitalter (Underwater in Paradise. Reports from the Anthropocene, 2018). Living in the shadow of the Wall as a child and coming to age in a united Berlin, Dr. Götze’s career as an environmental journalist seems to have brought her full circle. Her reporting has taken her around the world and engaged a wide range of human struggles with the effects of climate change. She finds increasingly that different kind of walls and barriers are emerging everywhere today. However different they may be from each other and those of the past, these new walls remind her in significant ways of the Wall around her childhood city.

Dr. Götze’s lecture on November 13 will address the experiences of individuals on different continents whose stories she has tried to tell, and raise broader questions concerning the vested interests that continue to prevent or impede global action on climate change.

On November 14, Dr. Götze will take part in a roundtable discussion on the “Walls of Present and Future: The Genuine, the Imaginary, and the Fake in Global Climate Change Discourse,” featuring UF faculty Terry Harpold (English), Marcel Lewandowsky (Center for European Studies), Jasmine McNealy (Journalism), Ken Sassaman (Anthropology), and Robert T. Walker (Geography).

Both events are presented in English and are free and open to the public. No advance registration is required.

Dr. Götze’s lecture and the “Walls of Present and Future” roundtable are sponsored by the Sustainable Online Network for Global Cultural Studies and Imagining Climate Change.


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