2015–16 ICC Events

Wanuri Kahiu on “Pumzi”

On March 15, ICC will present a public screening of the 2009 sf film short Pumzi and a conversation with the film’s Kenyan director, Wanuri Kahiu.

Spring 2016 ICC Colloquium

The Spring 2016 colloquium will take place on February 17–18, and will overlap with the UF Water Institute’s 5th Biennial Symposium, a major event in the field of water research and management. The colloquium will kick off on the final day of the Water Institute Symposium (Feb. 17) with a plenary roundtable discussion featuring the invited speakers, followed by a second day of individual public talks by the invited speakers and UF faculty respondents (Feb. 18.)

Fall 2015 ICC Colloquium

The inaugural Fall 2015 ICC colloquium will take place on October 9–10, and will bring award-winning and influential French and American sf authors and climate scientists to the University of Florida to dialogue with UF faculty and researchers in the humanities, climate studies, and water management, and to explore new ways of representing and responding to environmental change.

All ICC events are free and open to the public. No advance registration is required.