2017–18 ICC Events

Nicole Starosielski and Casey Boyle on “In Ecomedia Res” (Feb. 28)

Ecocritics Starosielski and Boyle will discuss digital heat and the end of time. On March 1, UF’s EcoTour augmented reality walking tour of Paynes Prairie will debut.

Jorge Volpi, Pedro Ángel Palou, and Eloy Urroz on “The Responsibilities of Literature in the Late Anthropocene” (Feb. 23)

Mexican novelists Volpi, Palou, and Urroz, will discuss the role of the literary imagination and the responsibilities of the writer in an age of economic, political, and ecological crises.

Schuyler Esprit on “Ecologies and Institutions” (Nov. 17)

Schuyler Esprit will discuss the missions of the redefining digital humanities and educational institutions in the Caribbean in the ware of Hurricanes Irma and Marie.

Helen Hughes on “The Contexts of Climate Change” (Nov. 6–7)

Film scholar Helen Hughes will discuss “Glaciers, Nuclear Power & Documentary Film in Europe.” 

Helmuth Trischler and Franz Mauelshagen on “The Past & Future of the Anthropocene” (Oct. 23–24)

Helmuth Trischler and Franz Mauelshagen will discuss the concept of and prognosis for the “human epoch.”

Oonya Kempadoo on “Which Medium? Whose Story?” (Sept. 22)

Oonya Kempadoo will speak on storytelling, collaborative digital humanities, and environmental sustainability in the Caribbean.

All ICC events are free and open to the public. No advance registration is required.