2018-19 ICC Events

Karolina Sobecka and Jamie Allen on “This Cycle, Here, This One” (Feb. 11)

Artist-researchers Sobecka and Allen discuss the use and abuse of cycles as models of exchange and circulation.

25th Annual Public Interest Environmental Conference (Feb. 7–9)

For 25 years, the Public Interest Environmental Conference (PIEC) has sought to promote an understanding of the legal aspects of environmental protection.

“Our Children’s Trust: Youth Activism & the Legal Right to a Stable Climate” (Feb. 6)

Isaac Augspurg (age 13) and Oscar Psychas (age 20) are two of eight youth plaintiffs suing the state of Florida to protect current and future generations from the intensifying impacts of climate change. 

Jimmy Evans and Jack Edmondson on “Urban Paradise” (Nov. 14)

What will become of Miami? Filmmakers Evans and Edmondson’s Urban Paradise explores the realities of future sea level rise in South Florida.

Simon Richter on “‘Polder-Geist’ and the Languages of Sustainability” (Nov. 13–14)

Simon Richter asks, Can the Dutch save our coastal cities? How do we translate the concept of sustainability?

“The World to Come: Art, Politics & Climate Change” (Oct. 19–20)

An interdisciplinary symposium on art, scientific fieldwork, and anthropological research in response to the greatest planetary crisis of our era.

Marisol de la Cadena on “Uncommoning Nature” (Oct. 19)

A conversation with Marisol de la Cadena on building alliances of divergent interests.

“The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene” (Sept. 18, 2018–March 3, 2019)

In an international exhibition at the Harn Museum of Art, forty-five contemporary international artists chronicle an era of rapid, radical, and irrevocable ecological change.