2019-20 ICC Events

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Other ICC events for 2019–20 include symposia, guest lectures, and readings by researchers, artists, journalists, and activists working at the intersections of climate studies and the creative imagination…

“Emerging Forms” (Dec. 6)

The Inaugural UF Graduate Student Climate Fiction Symposium features presentations and readings by PhD and MFA students working in the emerging genres of climate fiction, –poetry, and –film.

Deborah Scheuer on “The Climate Crisis & Its Solutions” (Nov. 21)

Climate activist Deborah Scheuer on reaching beyond the fear and finding truth in action.

Susanne Götze on “Walls in the Head”(Nov. 13 & 14)

Journalist Susanne Götze asks, Where, exactly, are the barriers to global action on climate change?

Shannon Lee Dawdy on “The Politics of Disaster Debris” (Nov. 12)

Anthropologist Shannon Lee Dawdy asks, Will archaeologists of the future interpret disaster landfills as monumental structures?

Temiti Lehartel on “An Impossible Dialectic” (Oct. 22)

Pacific Island literature scholar & environmental activist Temiti Lehartel on climate fiction and indigenous struggle in Australia.

Terry Harpold on “Lessons Learned” (Sept. 12)

ICC Director Terry Harpold on successes and missteps of the initiative’s first four years.

Houston R. Cypress on “Scintillating Sovereignties” (Aug. 8)

Reverend Cypress of the Miccosukee Tribe wants to protect and revitalize the sacred lands of the Everglades.

“Climate Crisis: An Intergenerational Discussion” (Aug. 8)

We must work together to prepare everyone for the world to come.